How to fix Canon Printer error C000

Canon Printers are quite famous for their good quality printing. With Canon Printers, you might face some issues. One such error is Canon Printer error C000 which is quite common in PIXMA series of Canon Printers and multifunctional devices. When you see the error that means there is some internal error and then the printer will not function properly. The Canon printer error C000 is really frustrating as it will limit your printer from working. There are many ways in which you can fix the Canon printer error C000. Going below we have discussed many methods that you can use and try to fix the problem. In this blog, we will discuss on how you can fix the Canon Printer error C000 or else you can contact Canon Printer Tech Support.

Steps to follow to fix the Canon Printer error C000

Please follow the below steps to fix the printer error C000-

Method 1: Restart the Canon printer

• The first step in this process will be to switch off the printer

• Then you can pull out the power cable

• Then you can open the printer door

• Inside you will see an orange tape which you have to remove it and then remove the white polyester

• Make sure that the printer doesn't have a protective cover in any part of the printer

• After checking you can close the printer cover

• Then you can connect the power cable first and switch on the printer

Method 2: Clear the paper feed path and clean the printer

One of the most causes of the Canon Printer error code C000 is paper jamming or if any foreign object stuck inside the printer. The most simple solution for this is to clean the printer frequently and if you find any bits of paper, staple pins or a complete sheet stuck inside the printer you have to clean the printer very carefully without harming other parts.

Method 3: make sure that the ink cartridges are not empty

You might face the error if the ink cartridges are empty. You can simply remove one after one cartridge to and check if there is sufficient ink to rule out the possibility of the low ink level. Before you start any printing job you have to always check if there is ink in the cartridge to complete the job. If you see low ink level or no ink please replace the cartridge.

Canon Printer Tech Support

Canon Printer tech support is the third party that helps Canon Customers with their queries. After following the above-mentioned solutions also if you still face the same problem then you can contact Canon Printer tech support at their toll-free number +1-888-621-0339. You can get solutions for your query by writing to the team at and the team will respond back to you. The team doesn't have any hidden charges but the team does provide monthly or yearly subscription with minimum charges.