How to fix Canon Printer error code 0x00000709

Canon is a Japanese multinational corporation that has many products like imaging and optical products, including cameras, camcorders, photocopiers, medical equipment including printers. Canon Printers are well known for their performance and good quality prints. But being a machine it is prone to technical errors. And Canon Printers are not an exception. One such error is Canon Printer error code 0x00000709 which is very common with Canon Printers. If you are using Canon Printer and facing such kind of errors then no need to worry you are in the right place as we will help you to you know what might be the possible reasons for the error and also what you can do to fix the error code 0x00000709. If you want to talk to the experts about it then please contact Canon Printer Customer Support.

Reasons for Canon Printer error code 0x00000709

There are many reasons which are responsible for this error. One of the main reasons is that there is already a one more default printer set and configured or Windows does not want to configure the new printer at all. The best way to solve the error is to troubleshoot the error. Below we will discuss how we can go ahead and fix the error.

Steps to troubleshoot the Canon Printer error code 0x00000709

Step 1: Run the Printer as Administrator in Windows

In most of the cases running the printer as Administrator solves the error code 0x00000709. But in case you are unable to solve the error by this then go to start button, then to Control Panel and search for Devices and Printers. Once you see the Devices and Printers page open up then you can right click on the printer name and you can choose what's printing.

Step 2: Use the registry editor

• To process this step first you need to press the WINKEY + R button combination to launch the run utility.

• You will see new pop up on the screen where you can type regedit and then hit enter.

• Once you click on Enter then click on Yes for User Account Control prompt. Go to Windows folder then, there will be a folder named Device double clicks on the same.

• You will have to enter the name of the printer and click on OK

• There will be a message stating "Cannot edit device: error writing the value's new contents". Just click on OK once you get the error.

• Now going ahead you have to right click on the Windows folder on the left pane and click on Permission.

• You will see a label named as Restriction; you can check all the three options: Full Control, Read, Special permissions.

• Once you are done click on Apply and OK, and then select Rename to rename your printer again. Once you have renamed printer then you will have to reverse the Permission changes you made. This is because of security reasons.

Step 3: Update Printer Drivers:

This is the most common reasons for most of the errors in the printer. Printer driver software if not updated can give many errors including the Canon Printer error code 60. You can either download the latest version of the software from the main Canon official website or else update the software.

Canon Printer Customer Support

All the above-mentioned steps should help you to fix the Canon Printer error code 60 but if you are still facing the same error then the best opinion will be to call our trained experts at our toll-free number +1-888-621-0339. Our team will definitely help you.